Photographs: Train Journey through the English Landscape

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Invitation: Public Opening

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IMG_1458Invitation 5th May

For more information and images from the instagram feed, go to: Paraa Website


Paraa: Bamboo Design Build Workshop

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This is a call for participants in Bangladesh. For those interested in designing with Bamboo, and in a collaborative manner – click on the image for more information. Bamboo Design Workshop Version 24

Paraa: Exhibition and events at the Studio

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Paraa: Growing Up Penultimate day

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We are excited to open the much anticipated garden and play space for the children of the LEEDO Peace Home. Tomorrow will be all hands on board, and lots of planting!

More pictures here:


Paraa architectural project: Amrao Manush Centre, Maniknagar, Dhaka

Architecture, Bangladesh, Design, Dhaka

Almost complete… opens next week – overnight shelter and centre for pavement dwellers and their children.
Its been a challenge, but we are close to completion, and the purpose built centre will be open to the community.
View 4 View at Night

London Drawings : Bow Church

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London Drawings : National Gallery

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London Drawings : The National Gallery

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IMG_4738 (1)

London Drawings: The British Museum

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